Vision, Mission, & Purpose

Cornelius van Poelenburgh

The goddess Calypso saves Odysseus by Cornelius van Poelenburgh


COR believes that all groups wishing to accomplish a shared goal can learn to do so. Not only will this success improve our social institutions, but these goals can also be accomplished with a minimum of personal costs from individuals. In other words, in the next 5 years, COR will help 100 organizations of all sizes to become more [externally] productive and [internally] healthier.

Mission Statement

COR assists individuals and groups to achieve resilience and a greater capacity to address complex challenges. COR supports those who lead and serve others through consulting, teaching, research, and product development.

Overall Purpose

The purpose of COR is to assist individuals and groups to become healthier, more effective, and increasingly resilient in a complex and turbulent world. We work to help each of our clients to reach a “double bottom line”: demonstrable results in its own measures of success in achieving its goals, AND strengthening the internal culture of the organization while doing so. We believe that both this “hard” and this “soft” goal are mutually achievable and can be learned simultaneously.

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